Walk It Off

by Adam Byer

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Has your heart ever been kicked in its face? Has your pride ever been punched in the gut? Well that's not what this album is about.


released October 1, 2010

Adam Byer - drums, piano, guitars, vocals
Rachel Conrad - flute



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Adam Byer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What are you looking at? Just keep walking, buddy. Adam who? Adam Byer? You don’t want to know about him, trust me. Oh, you heard one of his songs did ya? Let me guess, you thought it wasn’t half bad, right? If I had a nickel for every time some poor sucker like you… ... more

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Track Name: Settle
Have I got a sound for you?
One that won’t make you boo
Like reassurance any would do
Not just more of my lousy attitude

Have I got a taste for you?
One always fresh and new
Like yours to me, all the way through
What is a guy like me to do?
Well you just roll the dice and get what’s coming to you

Have I got a breath that’s real?
One deep enough to feel
Like causing climax and crushing appeal
I got the wanting end of the deal

Have I got a love for you?
One that is ever true
Like trading kisses for another or two
What exactly did you want me to do?
When you just roll the dice and get what’s coming to you

Have I got a thing for you?
One you would always choose
Not for the pleasure of an hour or two
Not just a distraction from your solitude
As you roll the dice and get what’s coming to you
Track Name: Drinking Beer
Lately I’m thinking I’m not over you anymore
Then the other day, I saw your picture, now I know it’s for sure
I used to say I’d never go in the way of the norm
But since you’ve moved on, that lofty goal has simply gone out the door
This is me now, not much more
Because of you

I’m drinking beer
I’m watching football
I’m going out to bars to pick up girls
What’s happening here?
I’m getting drunk
I’m watching porno
I know that’s nothing new, but now when I do, I think of you

Smooth is not me
I tried my line but, me, she couldn’t see
She jumped as if I’d said “Boo”
I didn’t mean to scare you. So sorry
You see, the others made it so easy
But, now it’s time for plan ‘B’

So, if you’re thinking you’re not over me after all
Then, just do some drinking and when you’re ready give me a call
We’ll have ourselves a ball
No inhibitions at all
But if you do

We’ll drink some beer
We’ll drink some more beer
We’ll dance to Elvis C
Even ‘The Boys of B’, I might let you hear
We’ll get you drunk
Maybe we’ll watch some, well you know
Then you’ll be number one, ‘till the doing’s done
Then, me again, you’ll want

So, let’s drink some beer
Let’s cloud our judgment
Let’s rock with Steven T
It won’t bother me
I’ll be ear to ear
Let’s get me drunk
And then you take advantage
Well now, just thinking ‘bout it, to my eye, it brings a tear
So, let’s drink some beer

Now let’s have
Track Name: Bane
I think there was a time you loved me
I think I may be wrong
I think you can’t understand why I think you’re the one
I think you didn’t buy my full affection
I think you’re wrong
I think you feel little but rejection
I think it’s worth a song

I won’t sit around and watch you suffer
You’re better off without me though I could be wrong, but I think

I think your father is an asshole
I think that you know it
I think he spit on a Picasso
I think he’s headed below
But, he couldn’t seem to sway my devotion
But then, I guess it seems that you could, I think

What you think, I don’t know
What you felt never showed

I think your mother’s disappointed
I think she needs to forgive
I think she wishes things were different
I think that’s no way to live

And she never believed that we’d end up together
Cause that would require you not screwing up
At least, that’s what I think

I think, but what do I know?
Track Name: Not You
This is an easy one
For me it’s an easy one
Nothing much to be done
So for me it’s an easy one

Who will care and miss me when I’m not there?
I don’t know, but I know it won’t be you
And who will reassure me when I get scared?
Not you

This is an easy one
It’s like all of my work’s been done
Now there’s nothing left to do but run
So for me it’s an easy one

Who’ll forgive me, all the mistakes I’ve made?
I don’t know, but I know it won’t be you
And who will want me after my hands been played?
Not you
Track Name: Forgotten
I have seen beautiful people
With their flawless face
I have seen tightness and grace
But I won’t be forgotten

I’ve been awed by brilliant minds
With their countless degrees
I have witnessed them decipher with ease
But I won’t be forgotten

I have felt compassionate touches
Been healed by an embrace
I’ve been talked into a better place
But I won’t be forgotten

I have loved wonderful lovers
Intoxicated by their lure
Been addicted and begged them for more
But I won’t be forgotten